TruDiagnostic Begins Offering Epigenetic Testing To The Public - Says Their Goal Is Education.

March 1, 2020

Lexington, KY – TruDiagnostic announces their premiere epigenetic testing services ‘TruAge’ will now be on sale to the public, as they launch a new initiative toward public outreach. 

TruDiagnostic is an epigenetic testing company specializing in DNA Methylation. Epigenetics is how the body changes its own gene’s expression, in reaction to outside factors. Epigenetic markers do not change the DNA itself, but can activate or deactivate areas on the genome over the course of a person’s life. These changes in gene expression have been linked to the development of many types of diseases, health risks, and the process of human aging.
TruDiagnostic seeks to research and develop new ways to read DNA Methylation – a type of epigenetic marker – and offer these insights to their customers. Their primary focus at this time is longevity and aging.  
“Aging is the number one risk factor for most chronic diseases and death.” Says Ryan Smith, Vice President of business development, “ However, chronological age has never been a great measure to quantify aging because of the wide range of phenotypic variation. Now, we have new molecular biomarker tools which allow us to objectively quantify aging and the aging rate.  As a result, methylation has become a very interesting tool for preventative medicine. 
We know that if you can successfully delay, or slow down the biological aging processes, then you also see a significant decrease in the likelihood of developing those chronic diseases. This has been shown in test after test, but a lot of people don’t understand how important early prevention is, and how important it is to measure and track the aging process when gauging overall and long-term health. We hope that by reaching out and educating people about how their everyday choices actually affect them at a genetic level, that they can look at that data, and track it- We hope our service can encourage more people to take their lifestyle choices seriously, and to take steps to slow their aging.”
The service was previously only available to researchers and physician partners. TruDiagnostic states that they will also be releasing new resources in the near future, like free eBooks and informative brochures to educate on the power of epigenetics. 
 The company states that they also hope this direct-to-lab access will encourage customers to ask questions and build more interest in participating in clinical research to expand both epigenetics and preventative medicine.