What is TruDiagnostic™?

TruDiagnostic™ is an advanced epigenetic testing platform offering an easy to use kit for clinical practitioners and their patients. Our kits evaluate DNA for methylation biomarkers to accompany other diagnostic tools and proven treatment plans.

Our test results offer prognosis and lifestyle changes for your patients by translating evidence-based research conducted by leading scientists in the epigenetic field.

TruDiagnostic™ is dedicated to utilizing scientific research within the genome to guide the advancement of medical diagnostics and help health professionals improve their patients’ wellness and lifespan.

We partner with select healthcare providers to offer TruAge™ to their patients. If you are interested in partnering with us and offering TruAge™ at your clinic, click the button below to apply.

What is TruAge?

TruAge™ is a blood test that examines your DNA, specifically methylation biomarkers. This biomarker is a chemical compound that attaches to your DNA and affects the activity of a specific gene.

As we age, methylation increases and this influences the aging process and age-related diseases. As a health professional using TruAge™, you can track your patients’ biological age and adjust their treatment options while offering lifestyle changes in accordance with their test results.

How Does It Work?

TruAge™ is an easy-to-use test that can be done at your office. With a simple finger prick, your patient will dispense a small amount of blood in a collection tube. The tube is then returned to TruDiagnostic™ in a prepaid envelope via any U.S.mailbox or postal office.

Our lab analyzes your patient’s sample with the most comprehensive and advanced scientific equipment. Once completed, a notification is sent to your email requesting you to sign into the physician portal to access your patient’s results.

How TruAge™ Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

One Test

For the most advanced epigenetic diagnostics on your patient’s health.

Updated Health Analysis

Summary of patient and how it changes with medication or lifestyle changes such as weight gain/loss, starting/stopping of medication, and more.

Personalized Care

When our DNA methylation biomarkers are accompanied with other diagnostic tools health professionals can easily provide personalized care.

Let's Get Started!

Only licensed Healthcare Professionals can currently buy TruAge™ kits. You will need a valid NPI number in order to register. 

First, click the button to register as a healthcare professional, and we’ll be in touch very soon with the next steps.