DunedinPACE | Pace of Aging | Report Expansion


DunedinPACE | Pace of Aging | Report Expansion


This Report Expansion is for the Legacy TruAge Epigenetic Test Kit and is only available to folks who purchased a TruAge kit before September 16, 2021. 

Apply this report expansion to a past data set by filling out this form. 

Fill out this request form before or after placing your order to apply the DunedinPACE analysis to a past TruAge test. 


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Biologically, Aging is the process of your cells slowly losing function over time.
Accelerated Pace of Aging increases the speed at which your cells functions fail, throughout your body.

It shows itself in both outward signs of aging, and impacts things like muscle strength, balance, frailty, and much more. 

Think of your 'pace of aging' like it's a speedometer.


A static clock like our normal biological age or immune age measurements only show how much your body has aged up to this point. The ‘distance’ you’ve aged.

DunedinPACE shows how fast you’re currently aging. 

Its short-term sensitivity means it can give great insights into how well your current lifestyle is accelerating or slowing your aging.

Use it to track how changes like supplements, diet, or exercise are making changes to YOUR aging at a molecular level.