TruAge Complete Collection (Conference Special)

$250.00 $499.00 saving $249.00

TruAge Complete Collection (Conference Special)

$250.00 $499.00 saving $249.00

Be sure to pick up your TruAge Kit at our booth! 

The TruAge Complete Collection includes everything TruDiagnostic has to offer, including the exclusive DunedinPACE report: the only publicly available clock trained on phenotypes and variables of health instead of chronological age.

This "Current Pace of Aging" offers the strongest predictor of age-related health outcomes, and the most reactive to short-term changes.

The Complete Collection Includes: 

Core Measures of Aging

Trait Reports
Additional Features
  • 1,300 CpG Beta Values | Download your raw epigenetic data
  • Lifestyle suggestions sourced to published research results
  • Access Advanced Metrics and Health insights with our free consult, or your personal healthcare provider
  • 2-3 week turnaround once the sample reaches our private lab. 
  • No third-party data sharing | HIPAA Compliant