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TruAge PACE features the Dunedin Pace of Aging report, and Telomere Length to create a small, precise test for pace of aging. TruAge PACE is highly sensitive to short-term changes, and is built to be a powerful tool for individuals who are testing the efficacy of interventions on their own aging rate. 

This product will be available July 2022. 

Dunedin Pace of Aging

DunedinPACE is the only publicly available epigenetic aging clock trained on phenotypes and variables of health instead of chronological age. This is why the DunedinPACE's current pace of aging offers the strongest predictor of age-related health outcomes, and is the most reactive to short-term changes.

Telomere Length

Telomere Length is a well-known hallmark of aging, and displays factors of aging not normally shown in epigenetic aging clocks.

Kit Contents

Your Sample Collection Kit includes:

1 instruction guide

1 FTA Whatman Mini blood spot card

2 fingertip lancets

1 dry guaze bandage

1 sanitizing wet wipe

1 adhesive bandage

1 biohazard bag

1 prepaid envalope to return your sample to our lab.

Instructions on how to collect a sample, preserve it, and safely mail it to our lab for analysis.

Privacy Policy

TruDiagnostic is HIPAA compliant

TruDiagnostic customers own their own genetic & epigenetic data.

TruDiagnostic does not share, sell, loan, or otherwise distribute individual customer genetic or epigenetic information with third parties unless the customer offers their specific, informed consent. (For example, if a customer volunteers to participate in a clinical trial, they will receive a consent form to share their data only with the organizations involved in that trial.)

TruDiagnostic may use customer epigenetic data for private, in-house research with the user's consent, to learn more about DNA Methylation and build new analytic algorithms.

TruDiagnostic may publish customer aggregate data to support our research findings. (For example: out of 10,000 users, AA% of women reported using ABC supplements, and of that group, x number of people had methylation with xyz patterns.) <-- no individual-level epigenetic information is shared, only population trends.

All epigenetic data is stripped of identifying information during processing, storage, and research, to protect customer privacy.

At any time, a customer may request to download their full raw epigenetic information for their own research.

At any time, a customer may withdraw consent for their data to be used in TruDiagnostic internal research.

At any time, a customer may request that TruDiagnostic erase all of the customer's personal and epigenetic data from our servers. (Please note: Performing this request means any future purchases of TruAge will NOT be able to access historic data, and will act as a 'first time' test.)

Read full privacy policy here

How to collect a sample

  • Safe

    Our laboratory is CLIA certified, and HIPAA compliant. We take data security seriously and will never sell it to a third party.

  • Accurate

    TruAge has been reviewed and approved by independent board-certified physicians.

    It is trusted by clinical trials and academic research institutions worldwide.

  • Easy to understand

    We make a complex subject easy for you to use. Gain meaningful insights about your lifestyle, and actionable tips based on the latest epigenetic research.