Novel OMICm Age clock (by Harvard University & TruDiagnostic) PLUS new reports coming Fall 2023.

Discover your patient’s biological age through the most advanced and predictive aging algorithm ever created; OMICm Age, developed in partnership with Harvard University.

The TruDiagnostic team is excited to announce that our new OMICm Age report suite (which includes novel fitness, inflammation, and immune cell biodata) will be available to our healthcare provider partners by the beginning of Fall 2023.

OMICm Age, along with our new report offerings, is exciting healthcare providers and patients alike because it provides novel insights into the reasons why someone is experiencing advanced aging.

Older analysis was limited in the nature of only being able to determine if a patient's age and biological aging was accelerated or decelerated. Now we can not only tell you your biological age, but also what is most likely contributing to an age acceleration!

▐   What's New?

All reports for future TruAge COMPLETE kits will generate results using the OMICm Age clock. In addition, several new reports and biological insights will be added to TruAge COMPLETE's result offerings.

The launch of OMICm Age does not currently impact TruAge PACE kits, as reports included in that testing option are expected to remain the same.

TruAge COMPLETE kits purchased by providers will now include:

Our new OMICm Age Report

    • Calculates OMICm Biological Age
    • Calculates risk of death, stroke, cancer, heart disease, COPD, depression, and Type II Diabetes
    • Calculates methylation risk scores for proteins, metabolites, and other clinical biomarkers

Our new Fitness Report

    • Calculates OMICm FitAge
    • Calculates methylation risk scores for gait speed, grip strength, VO2Max, and FEV1

Our new Immune Report

    • Calculates concentration of immune cell types
    • Calculates ratios of immune cell types

Our new Inflammation Report

    • Calculates DNAm CRP and DNAm IL-6

In addition to these new insights, TruAge COMPLETE will continue to include our Pace of Aging report (using the DunedinPACE algorithm), Telomere Length report, Type II Diabetes Risk report, Mitotic Clock report, Weight Loss Response report, Smoking & Drinking report, and Extrinsic & Intrinsic Age report.

You can view a full sample of each of our new report offerings here.

▐   Pricing Update

Once launched, all TruAge COMPLETE tests will be ran on this new clock. We can also run this analysis on your previous samples, however, as we licensed this clock with Harvard University, we have to pay a fee in order to do so. As a result, TruDiagnostic must charge our providers for this improved analysis. We are passing along this cost at no profit to us.

After we officially launch OMICm Age, you can expect a change in our wholesale pricing for COMPLETE kits, as well as optional upgrade offerings.

COMPLETE kits currently in stock in your office will also be subject to this price increase if samples are collected and ran after the official launch of OMICm Age.  With that launch expected to occur in early Fall 2023, we wanted to give providers ample time to adjust pricing internally.

Wholesale pricing for TruAge COMPLETE kits set to increase.

Message us here for more information.


OPTIONAL upgrade of all previous COMPLETE tests,
re-ran through the OMICm Age algorithm and report suite.


OPTIONAL upgrade for COMPLETE test takers with only one previous test
re-ran through the OMICm Age algorithm and report suite.
*Offer unavailable to test takers with multiple COMPLETE results on record


If we can ever add reporting without additional charges, we do; such as the new OMICm FitAge, 12 cell immune subsets, and inflammatory markers we've developed and are set to include with TruAge COMPLETE kits at no additional cost.

We aim to continue to provide you with the best epigenetic analysis, at as low of a cost as possible!

▐   Dive into the Science

OMICm Age uses some of the most comprehensive aging data ever collected in a single cohort to predict the age of your body through advanced epigenetic methylation algorithms (clocks).

Biological clocks are usually judged by two factors. The first is their precision. If they measure the same sample multiple times, ideally, we should get the same result. Unfortunately, this rarely ever happens exactly. When it does vary, the variance should be small. This has previously been an issue with biological clocks which can have a huge variance and differ by many years between a sample. However, OMICm Age has shown an ICC value of greater than .997 meaning less than a .2% variance with a single sample which was repeated.

The second factor used to judge biological clocks is their hazard ratios. The hazard ratio describes the relative risk of the complication based on comparison of event rates. Thus, we can see how much biological age is associated with risk of disease. When we look at this, we see that the hazard ratios (likelihood of a negative disease outcome) are higher with OMICm Age than any other clock. This shows us it is able to capture our biological risk of disease and aging better than any previous clock.


▐   Learn More

For a deeper look at the science from researchers, you can watch our introductory webinar. This webinar includes presentations from Dr. Lasky-Su from Harvard University, as well as Dr. Varun Dwaraka and Ryan Smith from TruDiagnostic.

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