View full samples of new OMICm Age, Fitness, Inflammation, & Immune reports coming Fall 2023.

The TruDiagnostic team is excited to announce that our new OMICm Age report suite (which includes novel fitness, inflammation, and immune cell biodata) will be available to our healthcare provider partners by the beginning of Fall 2023. 

All reports for future TruAge COMPLETE kits will generate results using the OMICm Age clock. In addition, several new reports and biological insights will be added to TruAge COMPLETE's result offerings.

The launch of OMICm Age does not currently impact TruAge PACE kits, as reports included in that testing option are expected to remain the same.

TruAge COMPLETE kits purchased by providers will now include:

OMICm Age Report

    • Calculates OMICm Biological Age
    • Calculates risk of death, stroke, cancer, heart disease, COPD, depression, and Type II Diabetes
    • Calculates methylation risk scores for proteins, metabolites, and other clinical biomarkers

Fitness Report

    • Calculates OMICm FitAge
    • Calculates methylation risk scores for gait speed, grip strength, VO2Max, and FEV1

Immune Report

    • Calculates concentration of immune cell types
    • Calculates ratios of immune cell types

Inflammation Report

    • Calculates DNAm CRP and DNAm IL-6
    • Offered exclusively to patients of Healthcare Provider Partners

In addition to these new insights, TruAge COMPLETE will continue to include our Pace of Aging report (using the DunedinPACE algorithm), Telomere Length report, Type II Diabetes Risk report, Mitotic Clock report, Weight Loss Response report, Smoking & Drinking report, and Extrinsic & Intrinsic Age report.

▐   Sample of New OMICm Age Report

▐   Sample of New Fitness Report


▐   Sample of New Immune Report


▐   Sample of New Inflammation Report