Effects of different types of resistance exercise failure training on the methylation status of genes that drive skeletal muscle hypertrophy.

How higher or lower repetitions and weight impact DNA expression of skeletal muscle.
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May 13, 2022  │ Varun B. Dwaraka, Ryan Smith


Abstract or Summary

We sought to determine how one bout of resistance training to failure with either higher repetitions (30FAIL) or lower repetitions (80FAIL) affected the promoter methylation statuses of genes that drive skeletal muscle hypertrophy. We hypothesized that a bout of 80FAIL training would lead to a more robust hypomethylation of genes that regulate skeletal muscle hypertrophy compared to 30FAIL training. This study continues to display how different modalities of resistance training affect the skeletal muscle molecular milieu and furthers our scientific understanding of factors that contribute to training adaptations.