Rejuve.AI and TruDiagnostic collaborate to create more accurate chronological age prediction tools.

January 24, 2023 │ TruDiagnostic Media Relations

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Rejuve.AI and TruDiagnostic have partnered to generate insights into the biology of aging and the relationship between DNA methylation (measuring DNA expression regulatory elements), metabolomics (the study of chemical metabolites of body processes), and proteomics (the study peptides and proteins) using TruDiagnostic's rich data set and Rejuve's AI expertise.

The groups announced today that they will be collaborating to generate insights from 10,000+ patient methylation and multi-omic dtasets. The collaboration's primary goal will be to develop algorithms for quantitative prediction of protein and metabolites in the body as well as qualitative description of proteomic and metabolomic clinical measures. Furthermore, TruDiagnostic and Rejuve.AI will use machine learning to develop highly accurate chronological age prediction algorithms based on over 3,000 unique longitudinal DNA methylation samples.

This research will help researchers better understand the complex relationship between multiomic variations in aging and disease, such as through automated mechanistic simulation of human body systems. Furthermore, as part of an AI model and data consensus on the platform, which is currently in beta, these unique datasets will inform and support the longevity insights delivered to our platform members.

AI/longevity project Rejuve.AI released their mobile Longevity application for iOS and Android in Closed Beta June 2022, and expects it to move on to general public launch early this year. Rejuve.AI's unique neural-symbolic AI techniques have proved especially valuable at handling the complex and high-dimensional nature of biological datasets.

TruDiagnostic is a leading provider of DNA methylation and biological aging tests featuring the DunedinPACE epigenetic algorithm, offered via an exclusive license agreement between TruDiagnostic and Duke University.

As an additional part of this partnership, Rejuve.AI Network members will receive exclusive discounts on TruDiagnostic test kits via the Longevity app upon official release.

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