To improve testing accessibility, TruDiagnostic releases new sample collection method: the Blood Spot Card.

March 15, 2022

Lexington, KY – In their efforts to make epigenetic testing more accessible to average consumers, TruDiagnostic releases new sample collection method: the Blood Spot Card. 

Available in their online store starting March 15, the TruAge Epigenetic Collection series will now have two collection methods available: The Tasso+, a button-press blood extraction that is applied to the shoulder, and now the new blood spot method.  The kit will include the FTA Mini Card by Whatman, which requires the user to prick their finger, dab a few drops of blood onto the card, and allow it to dry before sending it through the mail. 

Representatives from TruDiagnostic said their lab thoroughly validated this method, and found no significant loss of epigenetic data from rehydrating dried blood, compared to using a liquid sample. They also stated they were excited to find a method that was both familiar to most consumers, and still delivered a sample of blood. 

“Many other companies use saliva,” Said Marketing Coordinator Alex Graham, “While several studies have found genome-wide DNA methylation in saliva to be about 90% comparable to blood, notable studies like Godderis et al. could not confirm those findings. Additionally, cell type is important if you want your epigenetic results to be highly accurate. Skin cells age differently than liver cells, and all algorithms currently in use for epigenetic age were validated with blood – not saliva. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive, and most accurate epigenetic age testing in the world. We’re working on validating a cell-type ratio analysis tool to work with saliva, but it’s not ready for use yet. Until that time, we’re happy that we have an easier way for interested individuals to send in a blood sample.”

TruDiagnostic is a health data company specializing in epigenetic testing and research. They partner with scientists and physicians to understand and benefit from the information found in the fluid epigenome. Involved in a host of clinical trials, TruDiagnostic partners with academic research institutions to further develop the fields of epigenetics and longevity-focused personalized medicine.