TruDiagnostic receives CLIA Lab Status and Launches New Portal for Providers and Patients

May 17, 2021- Lexington, KY – Today, TruDiagnostic is proud to announce that their Lexington laboratory has received Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) in 49 states, including advanced registration in California, Maryland, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.  The company expects to receive the final registration in New York next month.  


In general terms, the CLIA regulations establish quality standards for laboratory testing performed on specimens from humans, such as blood, body fluid and tissue, for the purpose of diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of disease, or assessment of health. 


“TruDiagnostic is always striving for a higher standard,” said Lab Director Tavis Mendez, Ph.D. “Thus, we adhere to strict regulations to ensure that the results that are generated are always held to the highest standard.”


In parallel to its continued lab initiatives, the company has also launched its new dual-facing portal interface, focused around epigenetics and reporting interpretations. Patients and providers alike can now view their results, track data, and receive personalized recommendations based on their own individual epigenetic data, hosted on a HIPAA compliant server to keep personal data safe.


“Created with input from providers and patients alike, this portal is phase one of a continuous development roadmap for our platform”, said Director of Operations, Hannah Went. “We expect to deploy phase two sometime early Q3 with a host of new features.”


These features include:


  • Enhanced web-based reporting 
  • Multiple interfaces with Health Care Provider EMRs
  • Connections with wearable devices for remote health tracking
  • Progress reports to view how your health is trending over time 

    Patients will be able to receive personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations, and providers can browse through research-backed interventional recommendations.