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biological age test kits.

Thanks for your interest in partnering with TruDiagnostic to promote our industry-leading, biological age test kits!

Anti-aging and health enthusiasts who are eager to spread the word can offer their network of contacts a special discount, while also receiving a referral payment for every order that a patient from their network places.

We use a third-party, affiliate hosting site called Impact to allow our partners to digitally track their referred sales, as well as receive automatic, monthly payments. Click the button below to sign-up for a free account on the Impact platform to get started.

We partner with social influencers, content creators, industry pioneers and advocates who are focused on health, wellness, science, genetics, biohacking, biotechnology, and more.

Yes! We have a robust, international distribution and partnership network to be able to help people across the world take control of their biological aging.

There are no fees to sign up for our affiliate program, hosted on a third-party website called Impact- where partners can track their referred sales, and receive automatic, monthly payments.

Please do! Most of our affiliates become interested in promoting our tests after completing one themselves.

We encourage all interested partners to try TruAge before becoming an affiliate, so they can understand the process and what to expect from the results.

Please reach out to us at support@trudiagnostic.com for a discounted rate if you'd like to take your first test before launching a partnership.

We are happy to provide individualized support to all partners and affiliates with questions or concerns.

Please reach out to us at support@trudiagnostic.com for help.

Sure can! There are several ways you can promote TruAge tests while simultaneously tracking your referrals and offering your network a discounted rate.

This can range from a unique tracking link, which affiliates can quickly generate from their Impact dashboard, to a unique tracking promotional code, which our team can link to your Impact account upon request.

We have graphics and prewritten text which affiliates are free to use, in part or whole, to assist with creative content production.

You may also use images and content from our website in the promotion of our products on your website. However, all images must be attributed to us.