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Biological Aging

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Discover My Biological Age

When your body is aging faster than the calendar, you are experiencing accelerated biological aging- the #1 predictor of chronic disease!

TruAge testing measures the biological aging processes throughout your body, in order to help you measure and track the success of your age-related health and wellness journey.

What is Biologial Aging?

When your cells break down and stop doing their job properly, that's called 'biological aging.' When cells stop doing their job, this can initiate diseases - especially chronic diseases.

Since your DNA contains the instructions that your cells need to do their jobs, many causes of biological aging can be traced back to "how well are my genes communicating with my cells?"

With TruAge, we look at the markers that control your genes' ability to communicate their instructions. These markers change in response to lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep, stress, and much more. By reading those markers, we can learn about how your body is really aging, directly from the source.

Biological Age Testing Options


How many years is your body aging for each calendar year that passes.


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A look at all key metrics related to your biological aging processes.


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Complete aging profile

TruAge Complete Collection

The TruAge Complete Collection is the go-to kit for anti-aging enthusiasts who want a comprehensive look at their baseline aging metrics.

Data reports included with this kit option are your overall biological age, pace of aging (current speed), telomere length, smoke exposure and risk of disease, impact of alcohol consumption, and weight loss response to caloric restriction.

speed of aging


Our TruAge PACE biological age test analyzes how fast or slow your body is currently aging on a cellular level.

This test is the only pace of aging test, currently available, that uses a scientific algorithm programmed to reflect the impacts of lifestyle and medical anti-aging interventions.

TruAge PACE is the go-to kit for anti-aging enthusiasts who want to track their progress. It is often used after a patient understands all of their baseline, age-related measurements included in the TruAge Complete Collection kit.

Biological Age Test Supplements
Biological Age Test Nutrition
What's Included?
TruAge Complete Collection
Epigenetic Biological Age | Your whole-body summary no
Telomere Length | Aging based on cellular replication
Dunedin PACE | A speedometer for pace of aging
Extrinsic Epigenetic Age | Immune System Impact on Age no
Intrinsic Epigenetic Age | Aging Independent of Immune System no
Immune cell-type ratios and CD4:CD8 ratio no
Weight Loss Response to Caloric Restriction no
Download CpG beta values | Your raw epigenetic data no
Lifetime Guarantee: new trait reports added as they’re discovered. no
Lifestyle suggestions sourced to the latest public research on epigenetic aging
Access advanced metrics and health insights with our free consult. no

Deep Dive Into The

Science of Biological Age Testing

Not all biological age tests are created equal. Our researchers explain why in a detailed breakdown of the science; written for anti-aging experts familiar with advanced, epigenetic processes and data analysis techniques.

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Overwhelmed by the science, but want to make meaningful changes? We make the complex subject of epigenetic aging easy to digest!

TruAge Complete Collection purchasers gain meaningful, actionable insights about their results during complementary consultations with one of our microbiologists.


TruAge is used in clinical studies worldwide, and is the product of collaborations with esteemed academic institutions like Duke and Harvard universities.

Our aging algorithms have been scientifically peer-reviewed and published to ensure accuracy and transparency.


We prioritize data security and never have, nor will, sell your information to a third party.

Our laboratory is CLIA certified, and HIPAA compliant. This means the upmost privacy and data security for all patients who test with us, including public figures who want to ensure the highest level of data protection.

How do I use TruAge?

Once you order a biological age kit, we will send you an at-home sample collection kit.

This kit includes detailed instructions, and all the supplies that you need to collect a sample and send it to our lab.

We will let you know once our lab receives your sample, and 2-3 weeks after intake, your reports will be ready to view!