Are your efforts to change Biological Age working?

Use TruAge PACE to check how recent lifestyle changes are impacting your rate of aging.


TruAge Complete Collection

The TruAge Complete Collection offers our entire suite of epigenetic aging reports to give you a more comprehensive picture of biological aging.


What is Biologial Aging?

When your cells break down and stop doing their job properly, that's called 'biological aging.'When cells stop doing their job, this can initiate diseases - especially chronic diseases.

Since your DNA contains the instructions your cells need to do their jobs, many causes of biological aging can be traced back to "how well are my genes communicating with my cells?"

With TruAge, we look at the markers that control your genes' ability to communicate their instructions. These markers change in response to lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep, stress, and much more.
By reading those markers, we can learn about how your body is really aging, directly from the source.

Epigenetics is the control system the body uses to alter gene expression throughout a person's life. This means epigenetics is the most accurate way to measure biological aging.

Discover Your TruAge


We make a complex subject easy for you.

Gain meaningful, actionable insights about your aging with just a few drops of blood.


TruAge is used in clinical studies worldwide.

It has been reviewed and approved by independent board-certified physicians.


We take data security seriously and will never sell it to a third party.

Our laboratory is CLIA certified, and HIPAA compliant.

How do I use TruAge?

Once you order, we will send you an at-home sample collection kit.

This kit includes detailed instructions, and all the supplies you need to collect a sample and send it to our lab.

Once our lab recieves your sample, we'll let you know. 2-3 weeks after that, your reports will be ready to view!

Accelerated biological aging is the #1 predictor of chronic disease

TruAge helps you track biological aging throughout your body
Change your lifestyle to change the way you age.

CLIA Certified
HIPAA Compliant

Our Private Laboratory:

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Wow! Taking the TruDiagnostic test was an amazing eye-opening experience. Highly recommend if you are interested in health optimization and biohacking.

Trisha K.

I’m so happy I did the Tru age kit! Learning about my biological age markers gave such amazing insight into how I can better my health and be preventative towards certain aging factors.

Trey N.

This company is truly amazing and ahead of its time. I learned so much about my health and aging via one of the at-home testing kits. Staff was also super helpful in answering my many questions.


Their team reviewed my results with me & I learned so much about myself I wish I would have known sooner! I will 100% be using these results / recommendations to help prevent any further biological aging.

Kathleen S.

In general, so far, I like this company and their products. They offer the most advanced epigenetic testing available to the public. This company is the real deal and I look forward to what they develop in the future.

Dave G.
What's Included?
TruAge Complete Collection
Epigenetic Biological Age | Your whole-body summary no
Telomere Length | Aging based on cellular replication
Dunedin PACE | A speedometer for pace of aging
Extrinsic Epigenetic Age | Immune System Impact on Age no
Intrinsic Epigenetic Age | Aging Independent of Immune System no
Immune cell-type ratios and CD4:CD8 ratio no
Weight Loss Response to Caloric Restriction no
Download CpG beta values | Your raw epigenetic data no
Lifetime Guarantee: new trait reports added as they’re discovered. no
Lifestyle suggestions sourced to the latest public research on epigenetic aging
Access advanced metrics and health insights with our free consult. no

Why Choose TruAge?

✓ 2 - 3 week turnaround time once we receive your sample.

✓ Easy at-home fingertip blood collection.

✓No third-party data sharing - HIPAA compliant

✓ One of the largest private epigenetic databases in the world. Our testing is accurate, thorough, and detailed.

✓ Trusted as an objective measurement of aging by research institutions and clinical trials worldwide.

✓ Lifetime Guarantee: free updates as we learn more about the epigenome. As we grow, so does your reports - even if you only ever test once.

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