Most Frequently Asked Questions

TruAge is the name of a test developed by TruDiagnostic that measures your current Biological Age, along with a suite of other metrics like your pace of aging, telomere length, the age of your immune system, and more.

We use epigenetic methylation markers and the latest generation of aging algorithms currently available in the scientific community.

When you purchase a TruAge test kit, you will receive a box complete with all tools needed to collect a blood sample at home.

Biological Age is an easy way to estimate your risk factor for most age-related diseases and disorders. It also lets you track the effects of anti-aging interventions in real time. The TruAge COMPLETE test kit additionally offers insights into your immune system’s rate of aging, and even specific gene methylation.

Our size, science, and services set us apart!

  • We measure 1,000,000+ locations on your genome that have studied and proven significance to your health and wellness.
  • We use blood as a collection method, due to a higher level of scientific studies supporting the use of blood for this measurement.
  • TruAge COMPLETE purchasers receive a 30+ page report detailing each factor that influences their biological age.
  • All purchasers are able to track their labs and health results from our portal, and compare their results over time.
  • Our test reproducibility is over 99%, meaning testing the same sample will get the same result. Our test is very precise.
  • We perform all testing at our private, in-house laboratory; with a turnaround time between four and six weeks.

The purpose of mailing a physical, TruAge test kit to purchasers is to provide them with all tools needed to collect their blood sample at home.

As such, each kit comes with:

  • 1 instruction guide
  • 1 mini blood spot card
  • 2 fingertip lancets
  • 1 dry gauze bandage
  • 1 sanitizing wet wipe
  • 1 adhesive bandage
  • 1 biohazard bag
  • 1 prepaid envelope to return your sample to our lab

Your sample will not be processed until you complete your kit registration through our online portal.

When an unregistered sample is received at the lab, an email titled “Action Required” is sent to the email address provided when the order was placed.

If you forgot to register your kit, this email will contain your sample’s barcode which you can use to register it online. In order to register, you will need to either create a new account or log in to an existing TruDiagnostic account.

Keep in mind that an account is not automatically created when an order is placed.

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