NAD+ / NADH Metabolite Testing

Now Available at TruDiagnostic

TruDiagnostic and NADMED are partnering to bring you cost-effective, accurate NAD+ and NADH testing.

Mass Spectrometers are time-consuming and expensive, with a low throughput.

Dried blood spot testing has proven too inaccurate for serious NAD metabolite tracking.

We offer accurate, fast, and cost-effective NAD+ and NADH teting.

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Implement in your office

After you consultation, you'll be able to begin ordering blood collection kits from TruDiagnostic.

Collect samples, register the kit in our portal, and send samples to our lab for testing.

You can send samples individually, or keep them in cold storage until you're ready to send them in a bundle. Because we're testing whole blood, the samples will need to be kept cold.

Refrigerated, not Dried

Dried blood spots have a poor record for testing NAD ratios. NADs are not very stable and they are mostly protein-bound. As a result, slow drying and rehydration is not a process that favors NAD+ analysis and can significantly reduce accuracy.

Because we use chilled blood samples instead of blood spots, variance is around 4% per sample. Results are extremely accurate and comparable to Mass Spectrometry.


Our new partnership

Highest Accuracy

The Q-NADMED Kit offers superior accuracy and reliability, measuring all four forms of NAD (NAD+, NADH, NADP+, and NADPH) along with gluthiones.

No other method can do this.

NADMED is a proprietary technology for measuring NADs and glutathiones.

The technology has already been used to study research samples of cells, liver, brain, muscle, and blood of human or animal origin.

How does it work?

The principle of NADMED’S technology is a cyclic enzymatic reaction and colorimetric detection.
First, NAD+ and NADH metabolites are extracted together from a blood sample in a single step. Then the extract is divided into two parts revealing both NAD+ and NADH concentrations by removing one metabolite and stabilizing the other.

The intensity of the assay’s color change is proportional to the quantity of NADs or glutathiones. Sample extracts are then analyzed, and the values of the light absorption standards are compared to those of known samples to determine metabolite concentration

Mass Spectrometry vs NADMED

Results from the Q-NADMED Blood Kit have been tested against mass spectrometer testing. With only a 4% sample-by-sample variation, the accuracy and reliability of results have earned the Q-NADMED Blood Kit a CE-marking.
This means its safety, accuracy and reliability fully complies with the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive. (IVDD 98/79/EC)
The Q-NADMED Kit is the only NAD measurement kit to be CE-marked by the EU.

To get started, please call (859)-797-2983
to set up a consultation.

Detection method Colorimetric (OD570-573nm)
Assay type Quantitative
Samples Type Whole blood
Species All
Sample Volume / Size 120 μL (with EDTA or heparin)
Metabolites Measured NAD+, NADH
Detection Limit 400 nM for NAD+ and 300 nM NADH in the whole blood
Storage Store reagents at -80°C
Results 2-4 weeks
Shelf Life 6 months