Test to Tailor Treatment

Biological Age testing is connected to long-term

health & quality of life.

With our advanced epigenetic analysis and reporting, you can objectively quantify biological age and the effects of medical interventions intended to reduce accelerated aging and the subsequent links to disease and health.

Accelerated Biological Aging is the increase in
cells and systems losing their ability to function.

It is also the #1 predictor of chronic disease morbidity and death.

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Private Training 

Be at the forefront of
personalized healthcare.

Your staff will recieve private training on our methods, reports, and successful clinic integration.

Large-Scale Data

We measure 1,000,000+ CpG locations to provide one of the most robust testing services available.

Patient reports update retroactively as we learn more.

processing data with

Validated Methods

TruDiagnostic collaborates with top researchers & scientists from around the world to create new methods of epigenetic identification.

TruAge is trusted as a baseline measurement of aging, and has been used in over 30 clinical trials to date.

Manage aging by

starting earlier.

DNA Methylation offers a high predictive power for long-term disease risks and the impacts of aging. It offers real-time feedback on how interventions are affecting individual patients.

Unlike genetic testing, epignetics can be changed through treatments and daily lifestyle choices.

Our private laboratory is CLIA certified, and HIPAA compliant

Tailor your aging


Tailor aging interventions to their personal epigenetic response.

An accurate measurement of biological age is a key tool for clinicians to judge whether age-reversal interventions are necessary, and to what extent.

Clinics welcome!

Any licensed Health Care Provider (HCP) such as a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, dentist, dietitian, nutritionist, or social worker can register with TruDiagnostic to offer methylation based epigenetic testing to their clients.