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Published: December 5, 2021

Alina Pang, Lishomwa Ndhlovu, Michael Corley - Cornell University Albert Higgins-Chen, Morgan Levine - Yale University

Published: January 28, 2022

Aging Drug Discovery 2021

Published: May 2022

Dr. Adam Sharples, Dr. Mike Roberts, Casey Sexton, Bradley Ruple - Auburn University

Saliva Deconvolution Method

Dr. Andrew Teschendorff

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Our R&D engine has both internal research capabilities and external partnerships is expected to deliver a steady stream of next-generation developments that will sustain our growth. These programs leverage new platform capabilities in multi-omics, data sciences, and more.

As you can see from our current research pipeline, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes at TruDiagnostic — and a lot to look forward to.

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Private Research & Collaborations

Development of a multi-omic aging predictor Dr. Jessica Lasky-Su (Brighams and Womens Hospital, Harvard University), Seer Inc.
Impact of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana on genome-wide DNA methylation and its relation with common diseases Natalia Carerras, Dr. Juan Gonzalez (IS Global - Spain)
Investigating the association between epigenetic age and spinal cord frailty outcomes Dr. Michael Safaee, Dr. Christopher Ames, Dr. Justin Scheer (UCSF)
Studying the longitudinal effects of Epigenetic Age Acceleration and genome-wide DNA methylation by senolytictreatment Dasatiniband Quercitin. Dr. Andrew Teschendorff, Dr. Albert Higgins-Chen
T-Cell Prediction Algorithm of Senescent Cell Burden using methylation in paired nanostring data Ohio State University
Deep learning and penalized regression chronological age predictor Developed from TruDiagnostic private data
Blood type in resis type predictor model Developed from TruDiagnostic private data
Anti-Aging analysis of very small embryonic-like stem cells Dr. Todd O
Copy number varient genetic analysis prediction from paired methylation data Developed from TruDiagnostic private data
Trudiagnostic covariate in age association analysis Developed from TruDiagnostic private data
Proteomic risk scores for disease with anti-aging biobank cohort. Harvard University
Proteomic aging clock development using untargeted proteomics, using the anti-aging biobank cohort. Harvard University
Umbilicle cord stem cell infusions and their effect on epigenetic aging Dr. Meglin & Dr. Gilani
Investigating the effect of carnivore and vegan diets in twins Stanford University
Height prediction algorithm Developed from TruDiagnostic private data
Telomere length prediction algorithm Developed from TruDiagnostic private data
Body fat and muscle mass percentage predictor through epigenetic methylation Developed from TruDiagnostic private data
Genome-Wide association analysis of methylation marks correlated with orthepedic outcomes. Dr. Gruenberger
Associations between biological aspects of aging and psychological dispositions, cognitive, and emotional aspects of decision-making University of Pennsylvania
Associations of Body Composition and Physical Activity Level With Multiple Measures of Epigeneteic Age acceleration UCLA
Chronologically trained t-cell aging clock Ohio State University
Six-month analysis of epigenomic effects of proprietary supplement NAD3 The Center for Applied Health Sciences and Auburn University
Design of human imprintome array and validation in alzheimer's cohort North Carolina State University
Correlation between glycanage and epigenetic biological aging algorithms GlycanAge
DNAmFitAge: Biological Age Indicator Incorporating Physical Fitness Read Preprint
Investigation of AC-11® supplementation in reversing epigenetic markers of Biological Aging including those related to Telomere Length Optigenex
The Impact of a Polyphenol-Rich Supplement on Epigenetic and Cellular Markers of Immune Age Big Bold Health
Hyperbaric Dosage Analysis Effect Of Various PO2 Exposures: Hyperoxia-Hypoxia Paradox On Stem Cell Mobilization, Cell Signaling, Inflammation, Epigenetics & Cell Regeneration Dr. Jason Sonners
Advanced Metabolic Reset Program Follow-on Study Quicksilver
The Impact of Fasting Diet Program and Calorie Mimetic Supplements on Epigenetic Aging Dr. Goel
Impact of Ketamine on Epigenetic Age (IKEA) Wild Health
A Phase II Study to Evaluate the Regenesis Protocol on Epigenetic Alterations upon the Hallmarks of Aging and An Analysis of its Effects on Key Biomarkers of Cellular Aging RMI
The Impact of a Human Breastmilk Supplement on Epigenetic and Cellular Markers Adventa Bio
The Impact of a Natural Ingredients and App based Intervention Targeting the Nine Hallmarks of Aging on DNA methylation SRW
Nutritarian Diet & Longevity: 50:50 Northern Arizona University