Cancelling an order.

You may cancel an order at any time prior to shipment for a full refund, including shipping. 

Once the order has left our warehouse, but is still in transit within the United States (not yet delivered, and hasn’t left the country) you can cancel your order to receive a full refund, minus shipping costs. 

We’ll handle redirecting the package back to us, and we will issue your refund once we know the redirect was successful.

To cancel your order, please e-mail us directly at or call us at 833-963-1700.

A phone call during business hours is the fastest method to intervene, to stop the kit from leaving our warehouse or to redirect it mid-transit.

Replacing or reshipping a kit.

If errors occur during the delivery and use of the kit, which are not the fault of TruDiagnostic, the customer will be subject to a charge of $32+ for shipping to replace the kit.

These errors may include things like failure to follow sample collection instructions (like not providing enough blood in the sample), missing package, sample damaged in transit, destruction of the kit by pet, or if you've already received one free kit replacement.

If your new TruAge Kit is on its way from our warehouse to you when it becomes damaged or lost, we will re-ship a new kit to you for free.

If your sample is en route to the lab when it is lost or damaged, the reshipping fee applies.

Returning a kit.

You have 30 days from your initial order to submit a return/refund request for a TruAge kit. This timeline may be extended in special circumstances, like sample re-collection, laboratory error, or seasonal shipping delays.

If you decide you don't want to proceed with testing, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We will refund you the cost of your test, minus $32 + for the original shipping.

Simply mail your unopened and undamaged kit back to us, to start the return process. 

Once we receive your kit back to our warehouse, and the kit is unused & in good condition, we will complete the return process.

We do not refund shipping costs that have already been incurred.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept that kit back. We can still issue you a partial refund, but it will not include the value of the kit, only refunding the cost of our laboratory processing, analysis, and reporting services.

So, your partial refund would be the value of your order, minus initial shipping, minus $20 for the kit itself. 

If you realize you don’t actually want to get your blood tested, there’s still time to cancel the service and receive a partial refund.

As long as the sample has not arrived at our lab yet and has not been scanned during lab intake, you can still receive that partial refund:  the refund amount will be the value of your order, minus shipping, minus $25 for the kit itself.

Once your sample has been received by our laboratory, we no longer accept returns or refunds.

The only exception to this policy is laboratory error.

If something is wrong with your sample, we may send you another kit to collect another sample. This second collection kit may be subject to a re-ship fee.

Some reasons behind a failed sample include:

You didn’t give enough blood

It was diluted with something, like water. 

It was severely contaminated during your collection

Due to sheer bad luck, there wasn't enough recoverable DNA in the sample to extract.

DNA is surprisingly hardy, and can withstand a range of temperatures from below-freezing to 190 degrees fahrenheit (90 C) - so don’t worry, severe weather is unlikely to damage your sample.


Until we receive that second sample back from you, you’re still eligible to receive a partial refund. (the value of your order, minus shipping)

If both the first and second sample fails due to laboratory error (our technicians failing to successfully test an otherwise viable sample), you have the option to receive a full refund on your order, including shipping.

Other considerations.

Being unhappy with your biological age or other epigenetic results is not grounds for a return or refund. We do not accept returns after already providing the laboratory service, so long as the service was performed correctly and to our lab’s high standards of quality.

Our lab is CLIA certified, HIPAA compliant, and undergoes quality assurance tests with every batch of samples we analyze, to ensure our 99.9% reproducibility rate is maintained and your results are accurate.

Kits purchased at a conference or event are non-refundable, unless otherwise stated at the point of sale.

For kits purchased from an authorized third-party retailer, Please consult that third-party retailer’s refund policy to determine if your kit is eligible to receive a full refund from them. 

Email us to begin a refund request at