Technology at TruDiagnostic:
Investigating DNA Methylation

TruDiagnostic specializes in epigenetic testing and analysis.

Our primary focus is DNA Methylation – we offer a variety of algorithms and lab services for researchers, physicians, and consumers who want the most accurate and insightful longevity analysis from a CLIA-certified and HIPAA-compliant lab.

TruDiagnostic offers top-of-the-line DNA Methylation testing and analysis with our EPIK850k arrays by Illumina to examine over 850,000 methylation sites at single-nucleotide resolution. 

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EPIC 850k

Infinium MethylationEPIC 850k array by illumina is a robust methyation profiling microarray with extensive coverage of CpG islands, genes, and enhancers. 

This array is our largest available option, with over 850,000 CpG loci mapped and ready for epigenome-wide association studies. 

Aging Array

This low-cost array was designed to investigate aging based on the work done by early epigenetic clocks. 

It uses the 10,000 CpGs most commonly used in traditional epigenetic age clocks.


Exclusively licensed from NC State University, the Imprintome Array contains approximately 23,000 CpGs on 1,488 imprint control regions (ICRs). 

The TruDiagnostic Imprintome Chip is the first research tool to represent all known human ICRs for methylation analysis. It is the first complete human imprintome array. 

Custom Array

Build your own fully customized methylation microarray for large target studies or commercial offerings. We can accept any CpG site submissions. 

What's included?

Our Methylation Array projects include: 

- DNA/RNA Extraction
- Bisulfite Conversion Sample Storage
- Raw Data
- Bioinformatic Analysis 

Tissue Type: Peripheral Blood 
Epigenomic Sample Processing Turnaround Time
: 14 working days

Tissue Type

Every type of tissue has a different epigenetic signature. As a result, the type of tissue you test is very important, and can influence the data you get from analysing it. 

To date, all published algorithms are been validated from blood. As a result, that is the tissue we use for methylation analysis. 

Robust QA/QC Analysis

Our Lab and Bioinformatics teams adopt rigorous procedures to make sure our reports are accurate. 

We utilize consistent and ongoing quality improvement methods to optimize everything from sample collection and benchtop protocol, to automation and data analysis.

Licensing and creating aging algorithms:

We are proud to work with academia to license the best epigenetic algorithms in the field of aging. We are also engaged in several projects to create and refine new epigenetic algorithms to track things like mitotic replication, cell deconcolution, and more.

Completed Algorithms Being Submitted for Publication:

Advanced T-Cell Immune Cell Subset Deconvolution

Skin Deconvolution Method

Saliva Deconvolution Method

Death Prediction Algorithm

Multi Omic Analyte Prediction Algorithms