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Third Party Laboratory Testing

TruDiagnostic offers a wide range of testing and research services,
including multi-omic investigations.

Reliable and accurate measurements of the epigenome, genome, proteome, and more.

✓ Fast Turnaround Times ✓ Reliable & Accurate Results ✓ Fast & Cost-Effective


Choose between the EPIC 850k array, Our low-cost epigenetic aging array, the Imprintome array, or create your own custom methylation array.


We have 3 main options for genomic investigations, along with options to customize your data processing and add our bioinformatics analytics services.

Dive into gDA and PGX, and Pharmacogenetics with reporting, along with GSAv3 arrays.


With the Seer Proteograph’s highly sensitive mass spectrometry, quantify and differentiate minute changes in the proteome. 


Our Bioinformatics team can help you analyze research data, integrate multi-omic data sets into your research, optimize data collection from study participants, and even help write your final manuscript. 

Large Scale Database

Thanks to our worldwide network of over 30,000 participating cash pay medicine physicians, we have access to a massive amount of patients who are interested in participating in epigenetic research. 

We currently have over 15,000 consenting patients who have provided a broad spectrum of covariates and longitudinal testing data. 

With over 30 research trials underway, we have strong relationships with Harvard, Duke, Columbia, Berkeley, Stanford, and more.