Tasso+ Blood Collection Device
Tasso+ Blood Collection Device
Tasso+ Blood Collection Device
Tasso+ Blood Collection Device
Tasso+ Blood Collection Device

Tasso+ Blood Collection Device

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Collecting Your Blood Sample.

The Tasso+, self-collection device makes it quick and easy to independently draw a small blood sample at home, without the stress or circulation issues of a fingertip draw.

Both of our TruAge test kits require a blood sample to analyze various age-related biomarkers. Each kit comes with all materials needed to complete an at-home, blood sample collection. Several  lancets (a small finger-pricking tool) are included in each TruAge kit. However, patients who are squeamish or uncomfortable with that extraction option can purchase a Tasso+ device, which attaches to the bicep-facing, upper section of the arm for minimal patient involvement in the blood collection process. 

The Tasso+ is intended to be an alternative, blood collection method for TruAge COMPLETE and TruAge PACE kits. Purchasing a Tasso+ device does not equate to purchasing a TruAge test kit, and does not include the information necessary to register your blood sample when purchased alone. 

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biologial age?

The instructions for life, housed in our DNA, can not be changed. We are born with the same genetic profile that we will keep our entire life, regardless of any lifestyle or environmental conditions we encounter.

This makes some people more innately susceptible to advanced aging compared to others. Dealing with the fixed nature of our genetics is like getting dealt a specific hand in a card game.

While you can't change the cards themselves, you can control how they are played!

Your epigenetics, simply put as the molecules that silence or amplify certain parts of your genes, sees significant impacts from lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity, stress, environmental pollutants, and more. Changing your epigenetics is the most direct way to hack your DNA expression.