Middle Tech podcast highlights the science behind the health & aging revolution, with TruDiagnostic's Dr. Varun B. Dwaraka.

Middle Tech podcast highlights the science behind TruDiagnostic's epigenetic testing.

TruDiagnostic's Head of Bioinformatics Dr. Varun B. Dwaraka sits down with Central Kentucky-based media company Middle Tech to discuss the science behind biological age and epigenetic testing, and how it is revolutionizing the health and aging industry.


Excerpt from Middle Tech Podcast:

In this episode of the Middle Tech Spotlight Series, we sit down with Varun Dwaraka, Head of Bioinformatics at TruDiagnostic, to discuss the cutting-edge work being done at this Lexington-based startup. TruDiagnostic is making waves in the health and aging industry with their focus on epigenetic analysis and their commitment to using only proven processes and real research. Dwaraka shares the science behind the company's work, including their use of the largest private epigenetic database in the world, and their ongoing clinical trials aimed at reducing aging. With a mission to revolutionize the health and aging industry, TruDiagnostic is expanding from an epigenetic testing lab to a full multi-omic suite. Dwaraka discusses the company's partnerships with top scientists from around the world, their development of new methods of epigenetic identification, and their goal of delivering the most accurate and comprehensive epigenetic analysis possible. Tune in to learn more about TruDiagnostic's latest products and research, and their commitment to real evidence and proven processes.