TruDiagnostic testing highlighted in Bloomberg profile of tech mogul Bryan Johnson's age reversal efforts.

TruDiagnostic testing highlighted in Bloomberg profile of tech mogul Bryan Johnson.

In a string of 2023 profiling articles, Biotech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson was featured by Bloomberg, along with several other international news outlets, in regards to his extensive anti-aging regimen and the many measurement tools he uses to track his age-reversal journey; including TruAge testing by TruDiagnostic.

While Johnson's anti-aging routine may seem extensive and expensive, TruDiagnostic scientists say mass populations can experience similar benefits, without the price tag. These benefits come from lifestyle changes, and can include things like an improved diet, changes to sleep patterns, and modifications to exercise routines.

Johnson, who is chronologically 45 years old, is currently aging 0.69 years on a biological/cellular level for each calendar year that passes. He recently made a 14.71% improvement in that pace through dietary, medical, and lifestyle changes that are known to improve or reverse aging.

His success has led to the creation of a free, age-reversal competition aimed at spurring innovation and creativity in anti-aging practices. You can join the Rejuvenation Olympics by submitting your latest TruDiagnostic test results here.


Excerpt from Bloomberg:

"For a hint at the size of the early adopter demographic, there’s the blood test offered by a company called TruDiagnostic LLC, which tries to assess a person’s rate of aging by looking at whether various genes are functioning at hundreds of thousands of points across their genetic code. Of the roughly 20,000 people who’ve taken the test in the three years it’s been on the market, about 1,750 have repeated it over years to track their battles against aging. The company says that within that group, Johnson has reduced his biological age the most."