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Biological Age Report Telomere Length Report Smoke Exposure Risk Report Alcohol Consumption Report Weight Loss Response Report

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about your biology.

Our TruAge, at-home biological age and pace of aging kits provide novel, epigenetic insight into the toll life has taken on your body, down to your DNA. Each kit comes with select data reports that provide actionable insights and measurements to help you slow, stop, or reverse aging.

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'My birthday makes me years old, but my body is actually years old on a biological level.'


'For every one calendar year that passes, my body is currently agingyears.'


'I have the immune system of a year old.'


'I consume alcohol times per week, but the impact to my DNA expression and biological age more closely resembles people who drink often.'


'My telomeres are kilobases long, which is [shorter / longer] than they should be at my age.'


'According to how my DNA is being expressed, I most likely [do / do not] lose weight from restricting caloric intake.'


'My lifetime exposure to tobacco smoke is affecting my DNA expression and biological age ▁ percent, which puts me at risk for accelerated aging.'


'I've made lifestyle, environmental, or medical changes to slow my biological aging processes. These changes [ have / have not ] been successful.'

What is Biological Age?

When you think of aging, you may think of some common outward expressions (phenotypes) such as wrinkles, gray hair, or limited physical mobility. These visible traits are reflective of complex, biological processes occurring in your body; processes that are interconnected and occurring at microscopic levels all the way down to your DNA. From a biological standpoint, aging can be summarized as the breakdown of your cells to the point where they are unable to do their job properly.

Your chronological, or calendar age, is the number of years that have passed since your birth. This number is fixed and does not change to reflect improvements or declines in health and physical capabilities. Your biological age, on the other hand, is a calculation of the toll that life has taken on your body, and is a number that can fluctuate based on lifestyle, environmental, and/or medical influences. The difference in each of our biological "mileage" is the reason why we may look and feel significantly older or younger than others who share the same birth year as us.

When your body is aging faster than the calendar,
you are experiencing Accelerated Biological Aging -
the #1 predictor of chronic disease!

How do I use TruAge?

After purchasing a TruAge test, you will receive a physical kit in the mail that has all the tools needed to complete an at-home, blood sample collection. This kit includes detailed instructions, and all the supplies needed to both collect your sample AND send it back to our lab for analysis.

Depending on which kit you select, we will run your sample at our private, state-of-the-art laboratory and generate specific results reports that are viewable through our online portal. We will let you know once our lab receives your sample, and several weeks after intake, your reports will be ready to view!

Why TruDiagnostic?

Home to the largest, private DNA methylation database in the world, TruDiagnostic is a leading health data company and CLIA-certified laboratory that specializes in epigenetic testing and research. In partnership with notable biotech developers, researchers, and academic institutions, we are transforming the healthcare potential of epigenetic data into actionable applications. We aim to improve people’s lives by arming patients and physicians with novel biological insights; enabling them to make the right lifestyle and medical decisions through information found in the fluid epigenome.

With the ability to analyze more than 1,000,000 locations on one’s DNA, our TruAge biological aging tests provide the most in-depth results, and multi-omic correlations to accelerated aging. With a science first approach, our team only uses proven processes based on real evidence and real research that has been peer reviewed and published amongst the scientific community.

The power to control aging rests in your hands.

The instructions for life, housed in our DNA, can not be changed. We are born with the same genetic profile that we will keep our entire life, regardless of any lifestyle or environmental conditions we encounter.
This makes some people more innately susceptible to advanced aging compared to others. Dealing with the fixed nature of our genetics is like getting dealt a specific hand in a card game.

While you can't change the cards themselves, you can control how they are played!
Your epigenetics, simply put as the silencing or amplification of certain parts of your genes, sees significant impacts from lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity, stress, environmental pollutants, and more. Changing your epigenetics is the most direct way to hack your DNA expression, to slow, stop, or reverse your body's biological aging processes.

About our tests.

Aging starts as a molecular, biological process, and is eventually visible through physical and cognitive deterioration; impacting your health and quality of life.

We look at the micro, to help you modify the macro!

Our biological age test analyzes the molecules (your epigenetics) that impact how your DNA (genetics) is expressed. This process of silencing or amplifying certain sections of DNA is called DNA methylation, and patterns of methylation correlate with aging.

Biological Age is an easy way to estimate your risk factor for most age-related diseases and disorders. It also lets you track the effects of anti-aging interventions in real time.

TruAge is the name of a test developed by TruDiagnostic that measures your current Biological Age, along with a suite of other metrics like your pace of aging, telomere length, the age of your immune system, and more.

We use epigenetic methylation markers and the latest generation of aging algorithms currently available in the scientific community.

When you purchase a TruAge test kit, you will receive a box complete with all tools needed to collect a blood sample at home.

Our size, science, and services set us apart!

  • We measure 1,000,000+ locations on your genome that have studied and proven significance to your health and wellness.
  • We use blood as a collection method, due to a higher level of scientific studies supporting the use of blood for this measurement.
  • TruAge Complete purchasers receive a 30+ page report detailing each factor that influences their biological age.
  • All purchasers are able to track their labs and health results from our portal, and compare their results over time.
  • Our test reproducibility is over 99%, meaning testing the same sample will get the same result. Our test is very precise.
  • We perform all testing at our private, in-house laboratory; with a turnaround time between four and six weeks.

The main difference between our two tests, TruAge COMPLETE and TruAge PACE, rests in how much data we analyze and return to you.

You can browse our various, age-related reports here to determine which kit option is best for you based on how much and what type of biological information you are looking for.

As a general rule of thumb, our TruAge COMPLETE kit is the go-to kit for those who are just starting to track their biological age. This kit includes all data reports available, and gives the most in-depth insight to various age-related biomarkers such as telomere length, impacts of smoke and alcohol exposure, immune system age, and much more.

Our TruAge PACE kit is often purchased by those who began tracking their biological aging with a TruAge COMPLETE kit, but now want a simplified way to gauge the success of their aging interventions. This kit includes our Pace of Biological Aging and Telomere Length reports only.

How things work.


If you want to understand the various, biological factors that play a role in your body's physical aging process, then...

  1. Determine which TruAge test kit is right for you, based on what, and how much, age-related data you are looking for.
  2. Add a Tasso+ blood extraction device to your cart if you are concerned about the at-home, blood collection process.
  3. Purchase your kit, and register for a free account to be able to access your test results from our user portal.
  4. Receive your physical, TruAge test kit complete with all items needed to collect your blood sample, and return said sample to our laboratory through a pre-paid return envelope included with your delivery.
  5. View your results online from your user dashboard.

After receiving results, many purchasers make lifestyle, medical, and/or environmental changes to improve their aging biomarkers. Following several weeks of committed changes, many will retest to gauge the success of their efforts.

Each TruAge test kit comes with detailed instructions, as well as all necessary medical tools needed to safely and comfortably complete an at-home blood collection sample.

Several lancets (a small finger-pricking tool) are included in each TruAge kit. However, patients who are squeamish or uncomfortable with that extraction option can purchase a Tasso+ device, which attaches to the bicep-facing, upper section of the arm for minimal patient involvement in the blood collection process.

The purpose of mailing a physical, TruAge test kit to purchasers is to provide them with all tools needed to collect their blood sample at home.

As such, each kit comes with:

  • 1 instruction guide
  • 1 mini blood spot card
  • 2 fingertip lancets
  • 1 dry gauze bandage
  • 1 sanitizing wet wipe
  • 1 adhesive bandage
  • 1 biohazard bag
  • 1 prepaid envelope to return your sample to our lab

Your sample will not be processed until you complete your kit registration through our online portal.

When an unregistered sample is received at the lab, an email titled “Action Required” is sent to the email address provided when the order was placed.

If you forgot to register your kit, this email will contain your sample’s barcode which you can use to register it online. In order to register, you will need to either create a new account or log in to an existing TruDiagnostic account.

Keep in mind that an account is not automatically created when an order is placed.