We track aging, so you can manage it

Biological Age is the #1 biomarker for healthspan & lifespan. We help individuals objectively track their aging with an at-home sample collection kit, and a rapid laboratory turnaround for analyzing & delivering epigenetic reports. 

Our TruAge Collections deliver a multitude of aging metric analysis, including Telomere Length, Pace of Aging, Biological Age, insights into your immune system’s impact on aging, and much more. 

With only a few drops of blood, learn about Biological Age, specific health risks, and get a free 30-minute telehealth consultation from one of our clinical partners to go over your results and start creating a plan to optimize your future.

  • Accurate

    TruAge is trusted by research institutions nationwide, used as an objective measurement of aging in over 20 clinical trials in 2021


    DNA Methylation offers the strongest ability to predict health outcomes and lifespan, compared to Telomere Length or Proteomics alone.

  • Fast

    Once our lab recieves your sample, expect a 2-3 week turnaround to receive results.


    Since TruDiagnostic operates out of our private, CLIA-certified laboratory,


    Ours is the largest private epigenetic database in the world.

  • Secure

    You own your data.

    At any time, you are free to request a free a download of all your epigenetic raw data.

    You can also request at any time for a full deletion of your data from our servers.


    All research using your data is done in-house. We will never sell, share, loan, or show your personally identifiable information to any third party without your express consent.