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When your body is aging faster than the calendar's progression of time, you are experiencing accelerated biological aging; the #1 predictor of chronic disease.

Luckily, there are lifestyle and medical interventions proven to help slow, stop, or even reverse the biological aging processes in your body. We measure baseline and changes to your pace of aging, giving you the power to steer your anti-aging or health and wellness journey in the right direction.

The most advanced

epigenetic data analysis.

At TruDiagnostic, we are home to the largest, private epigenetic database in the world, and are leading the way in DNA methylation-based research and discovery.

As we continue mapping unforged health information found in the fluid epigenome, we combine data and AI to develop new methylation-based diagnostic tools.

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At TruDiagnostic, we work with leading biotech developers, researchers, and academic institutions to transform the potential of epigenetic data into actionable insights; from scatterplots to real-world applications.

With a science first approach, our team only uses proven processes based on real evidence and real research. Our commitment to the highest scientific standards allows us to be a trusted source of epigenetic information in the scientific community.

Improve Human Life Span and Quality.

At TruDiagnostic, we aim to improve people's lives by arming patients and physicians with novel biological insights; enabling them to make the right lifestyle and medical decisions, at the right time, through information found in the fluid epigenome.

Chart Novel Epigenetic Health Data.

We believe Epigenetic Methylation is one of the most promising biomarkers of the future. Each day, our team of in-house bioinformaticians and epigenetic researchers continue to tap into the powerful health and wellness insights of methylation data.

Develop New Aging, Health Algorithms.

In order to read the information housed in our methylation data, interpretation must first be performed. TruDiagnostic's CLIA certified laboratory specializes in DNA methylation and generating new algorithms to interpret this data for health insights.

With 30+ clinical trials currently underway, and collaborations with renowned academic institutions such as Duke University, Harvard University, Yale University, Cornell University, University of California San Francisco, University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State University, and more, we continue to uncover valuable insight from epigenetic data.

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Rooted in proven and transparent science, we offer the most advanced epigenetic analysis currently available! By examining more than one million locations on your DNA and using the latest generation technology to interpret our findings, we ensure that your results are not only accurate, but actionable!

TruDiagnostic is home to one of the largest, private databases of epigenetic methylation and covariate data.

We have tested more than 17,000 consenting patients on the EPIC850k array, and have longitudinal methylation profiles available to share with research collaborators in order to co-publish findings.

  • Our 3rd generation aging algorithm, known as the DunedinPACE clock, is the only 3rd generation aging calculator currently available across all research, diagnostic, and commercial spaces.

  • All of our epigenetic age reports use scientifically peer-reviewed and published data and algorithms to both generate and interpret results.

  • We have created more than 15 unique algorithms through advanced artificial intelligence.

  • Our multi-omic aging clocks include data in proteomics, metabolomics, epigenetics, and phenotypes.

Unlike our genetics, the exciting nature of epigenetics rests in the fact that we can make lifestyle, medical, and environmental choices to change it!

So why take an epigenetic, biological age test if it can't reflect the success or failures of those changes?

We believe in giving patients and providers health data that is actionable, and diagnostic testing methods to measure progress. Our DunedinPACE aging algorithm is the only clock specifically trained to reflect age-related interventions.

Additionally, our epigenetic reporting goes beyond age analysis. We have reports on behaviors and lifestyle, exposures, biological responsiveness, and more.

Our online portal is built for healthcare professionals, with thousands of providers using our tests each year. When a patient takes a TruAge test under the care of a medical professional, TruDiagnostic is able to release additional epigenetic data and insights.

To make ordering tests and viewing results as easy and user-friendly as possible, healthcare partners can find everything they need in our centralized portal dashboard.

TruDiagnostic makes international distribution possible through partnerships in China, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and more.

Additionally, we collaborate with biotech and research partners in Europe; offering novel diagnostic services in the United States that meet notoriously strict E.U. standards and certifications.